Spanish Programs

CSCP offers programs in other languages. CSCP has Spanish language programs, including a weekly Spanish support group and Yoga En Español, available for cancer patients and their families. The Spanish language program offers additional services, such as nutrition, exercise, and journaling workshops, on an intermittent basis. No orientation session is required to join CSCP’s Spanish language programs.

Group of Strength and Hope
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm
This is a weekly support group in Spanish for cancer patients and their family members.
For more information call 626-796-1083

Grupo Fuerza Y Esperanza
Todos los Sábados, 12:00 -2:00 pm
Grupo de Apoyo Semanal en Español para pacientes con cáncer y sus familias.
Para más información llame a: 626-796-1083