Tributes & Memorials

You can make a tribute or memorial donation in honor of the remarkable people in your life. A memorial or tribute donation is an appropriate way to remember that special person while at the same time helping others affected by cancer.  

Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to remember a deceased family member, colleague or friend.  Tribute gifts can be made in honor of a friend or family member on a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or graduations.

When you make a gift in memory or in honor of someone, we will send a notice of the gift to whomever you designate.

We do not specify the amount of the donation unless you request it, and you may customize
your message to the recipient.  You will also receive a formal acknowledgment and receipt for your donation.

By making a special tribute or memorial gift to the Cancer Support Community you will be helping others receive the emotional, educational and physical support they need to face cancer. With your generous contribution we will be able to continue offering free support for those affected by cancer. Thank you.

You can make your tribute or memorial gift online via paypal, or you can call us at (626) 796-1083. Alternatively, you can download our donation form and mail your request along with your credit card information or a check made payable to Cancer Support Community Pasadena.

After entering your donation amount and your information, go to check out and click on the add tribute link and type the information you would like and where to send it.

Download CSC Donation Form
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