Volunteer Spotlight

On April 1, 1996 Brandon Flowers, co-owner of The Dynamic Advantage in Eagle Rock and a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, began teaching a class he called Dynamic Strength Training (DST) at what was then The Wellness Community-Foothills.  The class was geared to helping people with cancer maintain or regain their strength and fitness. In the fall of that year he brought his business partner, Rick Caputo, also a certified personal trainer, to TWC and they have been on an alternatingteaching schedule, volunteering their time and expertise, for the last 16 years!

Hundreds and hundreds of people affected by cancer have benefited from the DST program which, according to Brandon, focuses on “safe, efficient, productive, low risk/high benefit activities that are inclusive of everyone,” regardless of fitness level or stage of disease. It is Brandon’s observation that “people who are active throughout their treatment recover more quickly or live better with the disease.” Rick notes that another benefit of DST is that “people make friends and develop social connections with others who understand what they’re going through.” CSC members often express the feeling that participating in DST reduces feelings of isolation and depression and increases feelings of competence and hope.

In the course of their time at CSC, Brandon and Rick were instrumental in piloting and building the Return to Wellness program which began in June 2000. This was originally a 10-week series for women post-treatment for breast cancer and focused on support and physical exercise. Women who participated noticed a dramatic change in their mobility, flexibility and mood. The series was so successful it was rolled out nationwide and ultimately a version of it was developed by the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer survivors with a variety of diagnoses.

Both Brandon and Rick say that they get a great deal of satisfaction out of volunteering at Cancer Support Community and enjoy helping people regain control over their lives, watching as they get stronger physically and emotionally. The Dynamic Advantage team is a bright star in our Community, and we thank them for their 16 years of service!